Avery’s wine cellar, Culver st.

Averys was something else entirely following our first popup, a kitchen which only required to be half built, actual chairs, actual furniture, a beautiful hidden gem of a space & our own sommelier Frank… We sold out with a month before we opened which was incredibly relieving & gave us time to focus on the experience.

I can’t recommend Averys enough for using their space, it’s beautiful with some much potential to hide away an evening bar in there if they wanted. Like 123space, it was Averys first popup restaurant & they were super supportive, helping in every way they could.

We had our videographer Lisa Bernat create an amazing video of the 4-day stint which culminates in a happy birthday Mariachi to head of the bar Luke St Leger. Check it out here: https://vimeo.com/175192521 & the Gallery page is full of Sarah Gray‘s amazing photos.

Bulrush have booked in to use the space on September 25th & I’m sure it will be incredible – http://www.averys.com/product/-Ticket/Bulrush+Pop-Up+Restaurant+4pm-/03199TK

Averys wine cellar, Culver st.

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