Past events

The Big Do

We supported the Julian Trust Night Shelter & helped with the organisation of The Big Do: An unforgettable night of music, food, drink and entertainment at Kingsweston House.

Céilidh at the Invisible Circus.

On 13 May 2017 we put on our own ‘enchanted forest’ themed pop-up céilidh with a live band, DJs, cocktail bar, secret bar & buffetRead more >

Alice in Wonderland at Kings Weston House.

An Alice in Wonderland themed popup with mystery tour aboard the party bus, an aerialist performance with silks, photo-booth, fancy dress, 3 course dinner, ouija board & more… Read more >


Averys wine cellar, Culver st.

Averys was something else entirely following our first popup, a kitchen which only required to be half built, actual chairs, actual furniture, a beautiful hidden gem of a space & our own sommelier Frank… Read more >

Averys wine cellar, Culver st.

123space, Stokes Croft

Our first popoup. 123space had never had a restaurant rent it’s incredible, beautiful, rustic rooms out before. In-keeping with the ethically-minded space we built all of the pallet furniture… Read more >

123space, Stokes Croft

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